UberEATS Carrier Bag 

Inspired by metropolitan cities that UberEATs thrives in. A commissioned pattern illustration for all delivery carriers.

Growing up in a busy visually-stimulating city like New York - there's a lot of noise. A big goal for me in every project is to create a visual story that invites viewers to stop - just for a few seconds, enough to grab their attention and invite them to share the story.

The story for this project was developing the language of UberEats in metropolitan cities. I thought about the busy streets of New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and I wanted to translate that energy into the graphic. From the characters and personalities that occupy the busy streets to the commuters, the landscape and of course the diversity of food. The combination of all the visuals mixed with brand colors invite viewers to scan through the image and experience the lifestyle of UberEats

Sophia Chang™