About Sophia 

A new generation of pioneering entrepreneurs is emerging by virtue of the information age and the whole world is watching. Sophia Chang hails from the borough of Queens, New York and in less than a decade managed to champion a name for herself in the art, design and streetwear community worldwide. With her BFA from Parsons School of Design coupled with a natural acumen for business she has collaborated with a-list names across multiple fields such as Samsung, Nike, Refinery29, Adidas, Apple, Footlocker, HBO, and the NBA to name a few.

As a gifted multimedia storyteller with the ability to create lucid and inspirited imagery, she’s expanding market boundaries and defining a new vivid, visual vocabulary. She understands that presence has dimension. Online or in real life, Sophia inspires connection. Passionate about everyone's story, she listens and interprets those stories to empower the community she loves and respects. Sophia is a creative engine that lives to propel her friends and clients to greatness.

Aside from my personal illustration and design work,
I like to keep busy.
Below are links to other creative projects that I’m involved with.  


A little about me, live updates on projects and just an extension of my interests.

︎ @esymai


UNDO Lab is the incubator for future design, communication and visual concepts. We are a safe space for wild ideas. Create with us.

︎ www.undolab.com

Common Ace

Curated online marketplace for women to have access to streetwear. Offering the greatest amount of options, variety and accessibility.

︎ www.commonace.com

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