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There’s a new generation of entrepreneurs who are using their creative abilities to set themselves apart and disrupt the status quo, beyond what meets the eyes and the whole world is watching.  Internet presence is all what you make it, especially if you know how to market yourself. Take New York born and bred multimedia storyteller and creative strategist Sophia Chang, a Queens native who feels at ease in everyday excellence.  After receiving her BFA in Illustration from Parsons School of Design in 2010, Sophia has gone on to work across various disciplines from printmaking and illustration to graphic, web design, and more. From her student years to the present, Chang has immersed herself in a variety of creative fields operating as the poised business beast that truly is beyond hype.

Over the last decade, Sophia has helped a number of brands bring their stories to life, including the likes of HBO, Puma, Refinery29, Adidas, Lululemon, Beats by Dre, Lady Footlocker, Nike, and the NBA. Fueled by a passion for finding and sharing the unique stories of those she collaborates with, Sophia strives to give her community the tools they need to empower themselves both on and off the internet. Serving as a catalyst for creativity, Sophia is a creative engine that propels her clients to greatness. Giving back any chance she gets, she regularly hosting workshops, panel discussions, and brand activations geared towards enabling the next generation of storytellers to take an honest, health-first approach to go forth and create.

Forever committed to bridging the gaps between worlds, Sophia is forever positive and additive force, making her a foundational voice in seeding the impulse of collaboration. Take arts and wellness, Sophia co-founded a platform called UNDO-Ordinary which repackages the often mundane concepts related to healthy living in ways that appeal to the masses. She then went on to co-found a creative agency, known as UNDO Lab, which is committed to highlighting the gifts and strengths of her community, championing a unique model of visual storytelling and dynamic branding through bold ideas that move people. Connecting the dots between creative work, philosophies, and cultures.

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