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A new generation of pioneering entrepreneurs is emerging by virtue of the information age and the whole world is watching. Sophia Chang hails from the borough of Queens, New York and in less than a decade managed to champion a name for herself in the art, design and streetwear community worldwide. With her BFA from Parsons School of Design coupled with a natural acumen for business she has collaborated with a-list names across multiple fields such as Samsung, Nike, Refinery29, Adidas, Apple, Footlocker, HBO, and the NBA to name a few.

One of her biggest accolades of her career to date was the design of her own collection with Puma which touted their number one grossing lifestyle range and was exhibited at various international museums, curated by the American Federation of the Arts. She has also been featured in collectable books and publications worldwide.

As a gifted multimedia storyteller with the ability to create lucid and inspirited imagery, she’s expanding market boundaries and defining a new vivid, visual vocabulary. She understands that presence has dimension. Online or in real life, Sophia inspires connection. Passionate about everyones’ story, she listens and interprets those stories to empower the community she loves and respects. Sophia is a creative engine that lives to propel her friends and clients to greatness. 

Forever committed to bridging the gaps between worlds, Sophia is forever positive and additive force, making her a foundational voice in seeding the impulse of collaboration. Take arts and wellness, Sophia co-founded a platform called UNDO-Ordinary which repackages the often mundane concepts related to healthy living in ways that appeal to the masses. She then went on to co-found a creative agency, known as UNDO Lab, which is committed to highlighting the gifts and strengths of her community, championing a unique model of visual storytelling and dynamic branding through bold ideas that move people. Connecting the dots between creative work, philosophies, and cultures.

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