UNDO Mag: Community

What is UNDO Magazine?
UNDO Magazine is a quarterly editorial created to expose a lifestyle of fashion, fitness, and community. Created by some of the best artists, athletes, and creative contributors in the world. It’s a passion project, just for fun. UNDO-Ordinary is a pop up fitness collective based in NYC but the message spreads worldwide. Founded by Robin Arzon, a corporate lawyer turned fitness journalist and ultramarathoner and Nai Vasha.

Linking up with some of the world’s finest photographers, stylists, artists, and designers just for fun. UNDO Mag promotes a healthy lifestyle, a fit lifestyle, blurring the lines between fitness and fashion, and living in a life of sweat.

This magazine is a visual representation of our culture. Our community. It is every bead of creativity, tact, and sweat bottled up and served to you.

Artists Featured:
Aaron De La Cruz
Baron Von Fancy

Julia Chiang
James Jean
Lina Viktor

Notable Contributors:
Nai Vasha (designer, stylist, creative visionaire)
Robin Arzon (street athlete ultramarathoner)
Sophia Chang (head of design and art direction)
Dorothy Hong (photographer)
Ja Tecson (photographer)
Rose Garcia (stylist)
Stephen Cheuk (trainer, owner of NYC’s top private gym)
Without Walls (brand affiliation / Urban Outfitters)
Eri Wakiyama (model)
Christelle De Castro (model)
Miguel Rafael (model)


Sophia Chang™