Topps Project2020

Topps introduces Project 2020, a year-long collection that visually reimagines iconic baseball cards that have defined generations, ushering in a new era of seminal artwork with graphic artists. With a cast of 20 artists from around the globe, ranging from famed streetwear designers, tattoo and graffiti artists, and one of the premiere jewelry designers on the planet.

As the solo female artist of the series, Sophia reimagines and adds her own personal touch to 20 traditional baseball cards. Available for 48 hours only for each release!

20 Players for Project2020

Mariano Rivera

Tony Gwynn

Willie Mays

Roberto Clemente

Sandy Koufax

Jackie Robinson

Bob Gibson


Mike Trout

Nolan Ryan

George Brett

Cal Ripken Jr.

Ted Williams

Rickey Henderson

Derek Jeter

Dwight Gooden

Don Mattingly

Frank Thomas

Ken Griffey Jr

Mark McGwire

Sophia Chang™