#TheCreatorClass Feature by Street Dreams Mag

Sit down with the Street Dreams Mag team to reflect on the year gone by for #TheCreatorClass. Ask Sophia Cheng what her best project was and she’ll say: the next one.

While one of her noteworthy achievements of the past few years fits neatly into a puma shoe box, this Creative from Queens is far more accustomed to thinking outside the box. Working in a number of mediums, she’s proof that the day old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none” has never been less accurate. Call her a Storyteller, Cultural Influencer, or Sneaker Connoisseur- either way the fact is this Jill of all trades turns everything she sees and touches into gold. 
Since the days of braids ups set to MTV music videos in freshman year highschool, Sophia’s drawn inspiration from hip hop & sneaker culture. Honing in on the things that New Yorker’s love, Sophia’s established herself as a reigning voice of her generation. Leading like a Queen & Queens get the money.

Photos by @streetdreamsmag
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