The Art of Time for Nixon Hypebeast

Via Hypebeast

Widely recognized for her charmingly unguarded and distinctive line illustrations combining the worlds of hip-hop and pop culture, Sophia Chang, aka the Bun Queen, is a tour de force in a creative industry bursting at the seams in the cultural epicenter of the world. Having collaborated with brands like PUMA, Staple Design and Red Bull alongside heading the art direction for UNDO-Ordinary Magazine, Sophia needs a timepiece that keeps her on track while making her stand out from the crowd. For this task she has picked the all-gold Facet, a wristwatch that exudes an understated elegance, with its angled crystal glass adding a subtle play of light atop a minimalist watch face.

Says Sophia: “Time is money. It’s something we all have a hard time keeping track of. Style is important. It’s embedded in your identity as an influencer in today’s industry. How you dress yourself tells the world how you want to be approached. That’s why I’ve chosen the Nixon Facet watch. Classy, edgy and has a technical beauty with a closer look. There’s more than what meets the eye.”

Sophia Chang™