Sophia Chang™ x Smashbox Cosmetics

Sophia Chang™ x Smashbox CosmeticsThere is a new generation of entrepreneurs that are flexing beyond what meet the eyes and the whole world is watching. Take New York born and bred illustrator and designer Sophia Chang. Hailing from Queens with an avid spirit for the arts, Sophia is a true product of her environment finding everyday excellence quite comfortable. Her usual attire; sneakers, tech gear and her hair twisted up in a signature bun. For her debut shoot with Smashbox Cosmetics’ #madeatsmashbox program, we decided to unravel the norm and dress Sophia as the poised business beast that she truly is beyond hype.

Creative direction by fellow collaborator Nai Vasha, the suited and booted business style exhales behind the lens of photographer Brian Tampol. Joined by assistant and set designer Dureen Troung, the set speaks to a whimsical romance of pen and paper. The face is the final canvas with the bold yet feminine application of Smashbox Cosmetics by celebrity artist Celina Rodriguez.


Sophia Chang™