Optics in the Digital Age: 5 Steps to Take Before Your Next Career Move

Learn how to take action and develop a viable career plan in this 23-minute class. Sophia shares her techniques on how she successfully mapped out my career. She helps you plan your next few career moves and offer insight to help you understand your strengths. The tips will serve as a lamp to your path as you navigate the different environments of your goals.

This class is designed for anyone who seeks guidance while planning their next big career move.. We’ll help you understand the value in your time, assess your strengths (and weaknesses), learn what positive brand awareness looks like, and enable you to harness the power in community and self investment. You’ll walk away with the tools you need to help you take action, while using and refining your skills to help propel you forward and keep you curious.

Each student will learn how to create an effective career plan which includes:

  • Identifying skills and strengths
  • Learning communication techniques and templates
  • Maintaining a professional digital footprint
  • Hustling your way to your goals
  • Developing confidence in your skills, clarity in your vision, and pursuing your purpose with passion

Most importantly, Sophia will highlight resources and tools that have helped her clarify her vision and keep a motivated mindset! Special thank you to Footlocker Women for powering this course.

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Sophia Chang™