PowWow Hawaii 2013 x ThatFoodCray

and Fresh Cafe joined forces to create a pop-up shop in Hawaii during POW WOW Hawaii 2013! I was asked to create custom graphics for their tees and totes! "POW WOW Hawaii 2013 saw one of its most successful showings to date with several events and initiatives further complementing the main attraction this year. Longtime supporter Fresh Cafe has been an integral part of the POW WOW landscape since its move to Hawaii from Hong Kong, serving as a main base for artists and attendees. To further support POW WOW’s efforts, Tiffany Tanaka of Fresh Cafe teamed with Nicole Fung of food blog That Food Cray !!! on both a small capsule of T-shirts and tote bags as well as a special menu — dubbed the So Fresh So Cray menu. The T-shirts and tote bags feature food-centric visuals by New York’s Sophia Chang while the menu comprises of variations of delicious Hawaiian classics... Source: Hypebeast

Sophia Chang™