Photos below by Jonathan Encarnacion

Pow! Wow! Photo 2019

Ja Tecson and Pow! Wow! Long Beach worked together to bring Pow! Wow! School of Photography to life. This program's mission is "transfer the same love and passion that Ja had in his life as a photographer". In honor of Pow! Wow! Long Beach's 5th year anniversary, they "hand picked students to take through a creative journey to find their visual voice in the community“

Sophia Chang captured social content of the program throughout the week. Taught her branding workshop on how the students can learn how to market brands and businesses in their own lens, engage and interact with their communities in an engaging way, and ultimately find their creative authentic voice.

Sophia helped produce their end-of-week photo show by working with the students on formating and layout of the frames within the gallery space.

Sophia Chang™