NBC x SnapChat's "Kick Life"

Produced by NBC Universal, Kick Life is a hysterical insider tell-all on what it really means to be a sneakerhead, as told through stories from the religious personalities that make this world tick. Each episode features a panel of some well known icons in the sneaker industry including Sophia Chang.

Featuring personalities from all facets of sneaker culture — from customizers to collectors to influencers, these stories will serve as the foundation of this series and illustrate this culture's lifestyle. Sophia is one of the leading voices in this series curated by NBC, featured on Snapchat for the month of September 2019.

Featured in 3 episodes:
- S1 E2: "Try Not To Laugh At These WEAK Flexes"
- S1 E3: "You Need THESE To Up Your Custom Game"
- S1 E6: "How Much Would YOU Pay To Secure These?"

Check it out on Snapchat! http://bit.ly/2Zc60we

Sophia Chang™