Modernism Week 2019: Palm Springs Public Speaking

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“The panel, which spotlit women ...making waves in the world of design, took place during the opening weekend of Palm Springs’ Modernism Week, an annual event honoring the artistic movement that embraced what was the modern world of the 20th century. But this panel defined a new type of modernist thought, one that engages and challenges the guidelines of the 21st century.

The powerhouse team of multi-hyphenate creatives onstage was made of women untethered by the boundaries that typically define their jobs. There was Sophia Chang, an illustrator/brand strategist who, in addition to drawing and designing for brands like Puma, Adidas, and Warby Parker, runs her own creative agency, as well as a health and wellness platform.

Chang, too, upended industry standards in 2014, when she designed Puma’s entire lifestyle collection for men and women — the top grossing line the brand had released at the time. She remembers puzzled customers and press teams asking her how a girl could be designing sneakers, which shocked the Queens native — she’d been a sneaker-head since high school.”

Sophia Chang™