Creative Small Business Essentials: Ways to Streamline Your Workflow

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Channel your inner project manager with this 15-minute class with designer and illustrator Sophia Chang. Sophia shares her process on how she tackles her client projects, maps her ideas and tracks intersecting timelines. Most importantly, she highlights her favorite apps to keep her business wired and optimized for past, present and future projects.

You’ll learn about mapping your thoughts to maximize and efficiently rollout your creative vision and walk away with a crash course on how to:
  • Map project workflows
  • Confidently handle client communications
  • Build your business infrastructure and toolkit to house your business
  • Always set yourself up for success

You'll also get a sneak peak on how Sophia uses her favorite apps:

By the end of the course, you will be equipped with new apps to map your ideas, structure your business, and ultimately champion your creativity.

Interview with Skillshare About the Class

Creative Entrepreneur Sophia Chang On Why Staying Organized Is Self Care

“Chang’s energy, tech-savvy, and belief that there is no one-size-fits all approach to living well (or working smart) has been inspirational to both budding entrepreneurs and the most seasoned of professionals. Since December 2015, when she published her first Skillshare class, more than 22,000 students have watched Chang discuss how to craft a more authentic digital presence (and have left rave reviews about her advice). Now she’s returned to Skillshare to teach a new class on how creative small business owners can manage their workflow to reach new levels of professional and personal capability. We took the opportunity to chat with Chang about how she approaches her own work, passions, and why “loving what you do” only takes you so far.“

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