Brittany Wood of BOTB by HellzBellz
The same people who brought you G.P.P.R. (The Gentleman, the Philosopher, the Pervert, the Rebel) is now bringing you B.O.T.B. (Belle of the Brawl). Your HellzBellz girl is now all grown up! I've been a fan of Hellz for a while now and I'm excited to see that this brand is growing. From graphic tees, hoodies, and dope kicks, BOTB is bringing you dresses, jackets, and shoes with the same bad ass chick feel.

Here's an illustration of Brittany Wood, repping HellzBellz. She was working the booth at the Project show at Magic in Las Vegas. Brittany is rockin the “Starstruck” dress and “Straight to Hellz” leather moto jacket from the upcoming BOTB Fall 2012 collection… dropping in August. Can't wait!